About Me

My name is Tony Wei and I have a degree in Bachelors of Applied Science in Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo (class of 2016). I've worked at six different companies during my co-op work terms and am currently working full-time in Vancouver at STEMSOFT Software as a Software Developer. A large majority of my past experience is in web application development both for desktop as well as mobile platforms, but I'm always excited to learn new technologies! In my spare time I enjoy light jogging, playing ping-pong, and watching YouTube. You can find some of my projects in my GitHub profile.

I created this website in May 2015 as a fun side-project, and I've been managing it on my personal domain as well as my Github project page since then. This website was built using HTML5, Bootstrap CSS (which makes it mobile responsive), and JavaScript (includes jQuery and various libraries).

I am also the founder of a photography sharing and competition website called PhotoShare, started in August 2015. I manage all aspects such as development and marketing. Please check out the facebook page.

If you have any questions about any of my works or experience, please don't hesitate to contact me! My preferred methods of contact are via email and LinkedIn.

You can view my resume by clicking the button below.

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